Monday, November 19, 2007

They don't call it "Instant Gratification" for nothin'

This was my progress a little more than 24 hours after casting on my Longhorn Socks. The Hill Country Yarns Instant Gratification Sock Yarn is listed in Ravelry as "DK/Sport," which explains my progress. It makes me ponder the possibility of knitting an entire sweater out of the stuff. It's very soft.

I've actually knit even more since I took this picture. I'm now more than 30 rounds into the second sock. I think the cure for Second Sock Syndrome is to cast on the second sock right away. I've never had Second Sock Syndrome (sure, I've had Half Sock Syndrome and One and a Half Sock Syndrome, but never Second Sock Syndrome.)

I talked with Lynn at the Meetup group today, and she confirmed my theory. There is no reason to block socks unless you care how the look when they are not being worn. I'm glad I don't have to worry about it. These look a little wonky because the slipped stitch rib pulls it in so much, but they look great stretched out.

(Please let me know if you disagree with this theory. I'm wondering if I'm missing something.)

I also discovered that Alicia is doing the same sock, only with a much smaller gauge. After my last mystery project, it's good to be using something in a larger gauge.

I like sport weight sock yarn. :)

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Lynn said...

I totally agree about casting on the second sock right away. I've always done so, and never had trouble with SSS.