Sunday, November 25, 2007


On Thanksgiving, I returned to my parents house with a full stomach, and decided it was time to polish off these socks.

I noticed my yarn running low, but I was getting close, so I wasn't worried.

But then, I ran out about as I was decreasing on the toe.


So, as I see it, here are my contingency plans:

Plan A - Talk to Stacy at The Knitting Nest, where I bought the yarn, and she if she has a few yards lying around that I could use.

Plan B - Wait for The Knitting Nest to get in more of the Hill Country Yarns "Hook 'Em" colorway, and buy a whole other skein. I could always make something else with the rest. I have lots of family and friends who root for the Longhorns.

Plan C - See if I can unravel the toe of the first sock, and get away with them being shorter. I know the recipient's shoe size, and I've been following the measurements in Sensational Knitted Socks Someone at my knitting group with bigger feet than the recipient tried them on, and they fit. But you have to account for stretch and the fact that it's not an exact science. (After all, they don't sell commercial socks by the shoe size.) Of course, that could also prove that I can make them shorter.

Plan D - Unravel both toes and finish them with a complimenting color.

I'm (probably) heading to The Knitting Nest tomorrow evening. We'll see about Plans A and B.

Wish me luck!


Cobbalicious said...


I vote for option D. Not only is it cost-effective and stash-busting. I think that having the toes a different color will look cool.

Suna said...

Dang dang dang. I want to make Lee a pair of socks out of this, and thought it was worsted weight and one skein might be OK. Nope. GRR. So I need to start again on smaller needles and hope there is some St. Edwards U colorway left down there, too. I guess I could make the toes, heels and ribbing solid colored, except my only bright blue yarn is acrylic. Oh woe is me. At least you warned me.

See you soon I am sure.