Monday, October 20, 2008

Does it turn back to a pumpkin at midnight?

I think I'm getting my Cinderella references crossed, but that's beside the point.

Speaking of points, there are an awful lot of pointy features on this glass wheel. If I had that hanging around my house for very long, I'm sure someone (probably me) would lose an eye. But I guess they didn't make a glass wheel because it was practical.

I'm also intrigued by the spinning technique. I think this is spinning from the fold. I'm amazed that the spinner (spinster?) seems to be getting such even yarn with what looks like no drafting.

Maybe the fiber turns back into Rapunzel's hair at midnight? But only if Rumplestilsken prevents her from pricking her finger on a pointy thing. (Or something like that.)

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SpinalCat said...

From the fold, yes, but the drafting technique is a long draw. Works best with short fibers in a woolen prep (carded). This is how you get lofty fuzzy yarn. It's a ton of fun to do one-handed, especially if everyone else in the room is inchworming along using short draws. :) I can send you links to the people I've bought fiber from that worked really well for this. The first time I ever tried this (I think) was with some llama from Kid n Ewe.