Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's about that time of year...

I got the following e-mail from Hill Country Weavers today:

HILL COUNTRY WEAVERS invites all of our fiber artist friends to participate in our 3rd HCW FIBER FRIENDS FESTIVAL on DECEMBER 13 & 14, 2008.

If you are a FELTER, CROCHETER, KNITTER, BASKETEER, WEAVER, SPINNER, EMBOIDERER, NEEDLE FELTER, or DYER and would like to sell your fiber related hand crafted items please email us! This year we would also like to invite those of you who make supplies or accessories for the crafter (for example, hand made stitch markers, knitting bags, or fiber-themed greeting cards & journals).

HCW will be providing a tent and banner in front of the store for 2 days as well as placing an ad in the paper. To help everything run smoothly all participating artists are required to volunteer for a 4-hour(-ish) shift of the festival (non-weekend shifts are available).

TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EXCITING EVENT (or if you have any questions) please contact Kathy Bateman at info AT hillcountryweavers DOT com or call 707-7396 for more details.
It's starting to finally feel like summer is ending (and it's only late October!) It's time for me to start gathering my inventory and working on some more stuff for the Fiber Friends Festival. Felted coasters and potholders sold really well last year. I think it's time to make some more.

I've always done really well at the Fiber Friends Festival. The crowd always seems to understand the value of handmade items, and there is little risk associated with throwing your hat into the ring. Some larger craft shows charge upwards of $150 for a booth. (Back in the day, I spent about $60 for a booth at a community event, and ended up sunburned and a few dollars in the red.)

It looks like I have some work to do before Dec. 13.

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