Sunday, October 5, 2008

To Crawl, or not to Crawl

I've been behind on my blogging recently. I seem to be completely devoid of energy since I came back from my trip to California. (I haven't even blogged about Unwind yet.) Not that I had a lot of energy before then. It's October, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the first cold snap of the season soon.

The Hill Country Yarn Crawl is next weekend. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pay for the passport to get freebies. Even if I don't make it to enough shops to enter the grand prize drawing, I can still get freebies locally to more than make up for the $10 passport.

There's a bus leaving Hill Country Weavers on Saturday and Sunday. I can make Saturday, but not Sunday until afternoon. The problem is that all the shops that are far away are scheduled for Sunday. But if I take the bus, I'll have more fun and I'll get a ride out to Yarnorama. I'm planning to buy a bunch of fiber at Kid 'n Ewe this year, but it would be nice to get a little to tide me over until November.

Either way, I'm saving my pennies. I need more fiber.

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