Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Tens: Ten "Secrets" of Sally Comes Unraveled

Recently, I read about the Secrets of the J-Walk Blog, one of my favorite non-knitting blogs. It inspired me to share some of my own "secrets." Here's a (sort of) behind the scenes look at my blog.

1. My camera is an Olympus C150. I only know this because of I looked it up on Flickr. I do know it's abilities are limited.

2. I have a few tips for "point and shoot" cameras like mine. Make sure the light source is coming from behind you and shining on your subject. Don't use the crummy zoom, it will only make things blurry. Instead, take a picture far away and crop the hell out of it. The pictures are huge when you down load them anyway.

3. Speaking of Flickr... Most of my pictures are on my Flickr page. I tried putting them on Blogger in the beginning, but I ran out of room pretty quickly. I'm still toying with the best ways to format the pictures.

A Major <span class=

4. I ask permission before taking pictures in yarn shops. They're almost always
ok with it, once they confirm it's not for commercial use. I've only had trouble twice. Once the owner didn't speak English very well and thought I was publishing a book. (She eventually said yes.) The other was the picture above, taken outside of A Major Knitwork on my first trip to California. It had absolutely nothing to do with the staff of the shop. They were closed for the TNNA convention. It was a rogue security guard who got angry when I took this picture outside the store.

5. Despite, my jokes, I have more than two readers. I often talk about "both of my readers", but according to my stats, I seem to average around 30 unique visitors a day.

6. I usually blog like I have thousands of readers. Because someday I hope I will.

7. If I don't post on a given day, it's probably because I fell asleep. Chances are I conked out with my computer still on.

<span class=

8. You can tell the location of the shot by the background. Well, that goes without saying, but sometimes it's less obvious with the close ups. If the background is dark green, the item was placed on my green chair in the living room. If it's light blue, the picture was taken on my bed. My "mirror shots" (like the one above) are taken at my bathroom sink. However, the layout of my apartment puts the bathroom sink outside the actual bathroom (like a Motel 6), so I'm really outside the bathroom in front of my closet door.

Poncho Pig - Knitwear Model

9. In case you missed it, Poncho Pig became my knitwear model after this blog entry. I'll warn you, I was feeling especially whiny that day.

10. I like to think I'm a good writer. My degree is in journalism and I wrote for small town newspapers for three years. My style is plain and straight forward, and this has both helped and hindered my writing career.

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Suna said...

Hello from Reader #3. I am sad to say I can no longer enjoy blogs from work because they appear to have blocked Flickr. Makes Ravelry a real joy, too. Peeved? Yes. So I can neither see your nor my freaking blog.

Anyway, keep posting. The average blog only has 10 or so readers, my future spouse informed me. So we are ahead, if barely. My average is 42. Why, I don't know, because I write mainly to record stuff for me to look at later.