Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Off Site Training

For the past two and a half days, I've been in off site training for work. There have been some interesting moments. Here are some highlights.

Day One: Not long after the class started, we noticed cables outside the window, blowing in the wind. We eventually figured out that they were window washers. Sure enough, two guys in harnesses appeared in front of the window. They had little suction cup thingies that they used to slide back and forth in front of the window like Spiderman. It looked like fun. (Unless you are afraid of heights.)

Day Two: After arriving, I spent about ten minutes wondering around the building. I couldn't find the classroom anywhere. I started asking around. Finally, someone pointed out that there were two buildings that looked alike . I hadn't noticed the first day because I had followed one of my coworkers in. I had to explain that I went into the wrong building when I got to class late.

Just before 3, our trainer announced that we were about to have a fire drill. I've never understood the point of having a fire drill if they're just going to warn everyone ahead of time. Are they going to warn us before they have a fire?

Anyway, at 3 the alarm went off and everyone in the building went downstairs. I found a good place to sit on the curb and knit. Then our trainer came over and told us that we could have wings, but if we got a beer, we couldn't open it until after we got home.


I followed the group into the parking garage. Tables were set up and they were serving wings and beer.

They had catered the fire drill.

I never confirmed it, but why else would Bakehouse be serving wings and beer in a parking garage when there just happened to be a fire drill?

After we got our wings and finished out the day, I walked back to the garage and looked for my car. And couldn't find it. I was sure it was between level two and three. I ran into a coworker who drove me around until we found it between level two and three. I'm still not sure what happened.

Day Three: We only had half a day of training before heading back to the office. I had half a sandwich and chips leftover from lunch that I took with me. I was saving it for later, but I ended up giving it to a homeless guy I saw at a stop light. His sign said "hungry", and I was full. I'd had a free breakfast and lunch everyday for the past three days. I think he enjoyed way more than I would have. He was digging in before the light turned green. I'm counting it as a random act of kindness for number 91 on my list.

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Suna said...

Interesting. I gave a homeless woman $5 yesterday (had no food), because I had been sitting in the car thinking how bad things were right now, when I looked up and realized she had it a lot worse than I did. So, I gave her what was in my wallet.