Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Tens: Ten Fiber-Related Sightings from Apartment Therapy

I'm back on track with your Tuesday Ten.

While I've been trying to convince myself to organize, I've discovered the Apartment Therapy blog. I skim through most of it, looking for organization ideas, as well as some ideas for color combinations and designs. However, it's also been full of knitting, crochet and other fiber related sightings. (I already mentioned Using a Scarf as a "Chair Runner".) Here are ten entries with cool stuff for yarnies.

1. Look: Knitted Sculptures - Not a bad idea. And the cool thing is we can make our own. Check out the original artists.

2. Hot or Not? Homemade Rag Rugs - I would say these crochet rag rugs are hot. Check out the second blue rug. It's the most complex rag rug I've ever seen.

3. Knitted Power Cord Has Us In Stitches - This is actually from the Apartment Therapy's sister site, Unplgged. These are made by KnitKnit, and you can buy the pattern.

4. Felted Pet Sculptures by Amelia Santiago - I'm not sure if these are hand felted, needle felted or some other type of felted. I know they're awesome, and you can get them here.

5. Etsy Find: Knitware Vase & Antique Milk Vases from Alyssa Ettinger - There's lots of Etsy finds on Apartment Therapy. I think these are actually ceramic, but they had me fooled at first. You can buy them here.

6. ATLA On The Town: DWR's Tools For Living Store Opens in Santa Monica - You have to scroll down to the second picture to see some knitting. There's a ginormous knitted ottoman. I may try to recreate it sometime.

7. Aurélie Mathigot At Home - I'm not sure who Aurélie Mathigot is, but she has a nice little yarn display at home.

8. Crochet Nesting Bowls - These are pretty easy to make. It sounds like a good idea for gifts.

9. Creative Reuse 2008: Wool Sweater Sleeve as Wine Cozy - I tried felting a sweater to make a purse once. It didn't turn out this good. This is from another sister blog, Re-Nest.

10. Textured Pillow Covers for Fall - A good excuse for some Aran designing.

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