Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Tens: Ten Vendors I Am Looking Foward To Visiting at Kid 'N Ewe

Kid 'n Ewe is coming up in November, and I can't wait. I've been saving my money. Last year I didn't buy much fiber because I didn't know how to spin. Now that I know how to spin, watch out!

Here are 10 vendors I'm looking forward to visiting.

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1. FiberLady - Now that I've spun some bamboo, I'm ready for more.

Kid n Ewe 25

2. Hokett Would Work - I bought my drop spindle there last year. They don't have a website, so it's hard to find Jim Hokett's stuff elsewhere. It may be time for a nice WPI tool.

3. Perfect Buttons - They sell dichroic glass buttons. I love dichroic glass.

4. Lynn's Texas Fiber - The website has a nice selection of roving. Mmmmm....roving.

5. Donlee Acres - They get a lot of their fiber from their own animals.

6. Fire Ant Ranch - Here's some more locally grown fiber.

Kid n Ewe 19

7. Buffalo Gold - I probably can't afford the yarn, but now that I can spin, I might get a little sample of fiber for spinning.

8. Rosewood Yarns - They're right there in Boerne, so I may go visit the store itself. If I remember correctly, they had a nice selection at the show.

9. Spinning Straw Into Gold - The website focuses a lot on spinning your pet's fur. I'm interested in seeing what they have at the show.

Kid n Ewe 26

10. Brooks Farm - I've been focusing on spinning, but there's one vendor I know I'll buy yarn from. Now that I know how awesome they are, I may buy a sweater's worth of yarn. They have affordable, quality yarn.

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Cobbalicious said...

Oooh! Kid 'n Ewe! Unfortunately, I'm moving into a new apartment on 11/8, but maybe I'll have to give myself a little "moving reward" on 11/9 and head on out there...