Friday, March 7, 2008

Contest Time

It's time to promote some contests.

Mariknits is having a Malabrigo March/Blogiversary contest. To enter, just comment and link to the first post in your own blog.

There's also a blogiversary contest here. The hard thing about this contest is that you have to name your favorite dessert. How can you pick just one?

As always, please tell them that Large Marge Sally Comes Unraveled sent you.

Also, if you were disappointed because the link in yesterday's post was broken, never fear. I will be fixed it shortly.

Edit: I just realized the dessert contest ended at midnight. Oops. Go check it out anyway.

1 comment:

kasiaiscarly said...

OMG, I just spit out my breakfast juice with the Pee Wee reference!