Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spinning and other updates

I took Jules back to the airport early Monday morning. Here's a picture of me and my big ol' butt hugging him in my parents' backyard. I'll probably have more details later, but for now, you can see pictures on Flickr.

Spinning Update

As I suspected, I didn't get much knitting done while Jules was here, mainly because I left the bag with most of my current knitting projects at Mom and Dad's house the Sunday after Jules arrived . (And I didn't get back over there until Easter Sunday.)

The good news is I got a lot of spinning done. I finished spinning my Corriedale Roving from Yarnivore, and I'm pleased with the outcome. I figured if I could get through all six ounces, I would know how to spin when I was through. It worked. I think it's safe to say I have gone from "trying to learn how to spin" to "beginning spinner."

I haven't processed the yarn yet. I think I'll keep this as a single, and maybe knit a hat.

Tonight I broke into the Merino roving I got at Yarnivore. It feels so different than the Corriedale. Either it needs more twist, doesn't want to twist or doesn't need to twist as much. It seems little harder to draft, but it can be drafted. I think I just need to get my bearings.

Crocheted Chickens

We spent Easter with some family friends while Jules was here. I forgot where they found these crocheted chicken egg covers. (I think it was a flea market.) Of course, I had to take a picture.

Parting Shot

I don't have a couch or a sofa (only chairs,) so Jules and I spent some time laying an old comforter on the floor in the living room. Tonight, Bunny Foo-Foo decided it was a good place to hang out. (This picture was also a good chance to see how well the red eye correction works on Flickr.)

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SpinalCat said...

Cute bunny! When I was still in college, and Bryan was living in Austin, he didn't have any furniture. (Actually that's not true. Eventually his parents got him a bean bag chair and a card table.) Anyway, he just had an ancient sleeping bag on the floor. That was sort of fun. I've mostly domesticated Bryan now, but he used to sleep on the floor by choice when he lived in Pittsburgh (having only a twin size bed probably didn't help). His Pittsburgh grad school friends weren't big fans of furniture in general. We ended up buying one of them an inflatable couch so we'd have somewhere to sit when we came over to watch movies, and the other one had the weirdest "bed" I've ever seen. It looked like a normal bed with a frame and sheets and everything, but when I sat down on it, there was just a sheet of plywood on top of the slats!