Friday, March 28, 2008

FO: Skinny Eve Scarf

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Here is Poncho Pig making his modeling debut. Just imagine if I made a scarf that actually fit him.

As I mentioned earlier I left my knitting bag with most of my current knitting projects at my parent's house last week. So I had no choice to cast on something new. Fortunately, I had something on my list of Christmas gifts to make.

I bought some Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Paint at Hill Country Weavers last fall. I probably could have made this scarf a little wider, but I wanted length over width. It only took me a little more than one and a half skeins in colorway 8817. I also used the wooden US size 8 knitting needles I got in my Knitters Scavenger Hunt package.

This is the same ribbing I used in this scarf and this scarf. I'm not sure if it's technically the Brioche Rib or the Eve's Rib. (Hence the name.) I used the stitch I found in this pattern. It's a great stitch, and I love how it looks with the hand painted yarn. I also like the way it pooled diagonally.

Don't Hate on the Fun Fur

I'm including a bonus WIP, a simple fun fur scarf out of Lion Brand Fun Fur Stripes. The yarn was provided from a friend from church, who asked me to some scarves out of it.

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SpinalCat said...

Love the diagonal stripes on the ribbed scarf! Isn't it wonderful when you surrender to the variegation and get such a nice surprise?