Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Return of Poncho Pig

I just went on a book binge. Fortunately, the books are free.

I just discovered the Little Walnut Creek library branch is open again. This is the library branch closest to my apartment, but it was closed when I moved in. While Jules was here, we drove by and I thought I saw people and cars there. Today after work I stopped there. It's good to have one close by again.

They had a few good knitting books, including Knitting the Old Way and a book about building spinning wheels I found with the woodworking section. I decided to wait and check those out another time. I doubt I'll be able to read more than I can carry before they are due.

My family has been using the Austin Public Library system for literally as long as I can remember. The Manchaca Road Branch was the one we visited most often growing up. It has been closed for renovations for more than a year now. I hope Mom and Dad get their library back soon. (They've been going to other branches, but I know they miss the Manchaca Road Branch.)

You'll notice I only checked out one knitting book, and the rest are about cleaning and money. I'm trying to move forward some more with my goals. Poncho Pig is back in business. In fact, when I shook him I discovered there was actually a little change in him already. I'm adding to it as I find it lying around. I've been picking up pennies my entire life, but usually they end up at the bottom of purse, on the floor of my car, etc. Now I'm trying to get it all in one place.

I'm looking back at the goals I set a couple of months ago. In the past few days, I got back on FlyLady. However, for now cleaning will work against my goal of being greener. Once I get things more under control, I'll make more of an effort to recycle. For I just need to "fling" things.

I've thought up some creative strategies for saving money and budgeting, and made a little progress in saving. At least Poncho Pig is back to work.

Also, I'm still swatching (although I missed last week because Jules was here), and I can honestly say I can spin. I have an idea for Knitty in the works, and I've knit a couple of Christmas gifts for next year.

I think I'll keep making progress as long as I listen to Dory:

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