Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ready to be random?

Time for a little of everything.

Manchaca Road Library Reopens

I was so excited on Thursday when my local library re-opened, but I didn't realize when I wrote that entry that the Manchaca Road Branch was set to open today. This is the library branch I grew up with. I was heading south today to do some cleaning (more on that later) so I went with my parents today. (I'm kicking myself for not taking my camera.)

We didn't go for the live music and stuff, but we did look at the new facilities. There are lots of new books. Mom recognized the old ones as well. She said they were like "old friends." (Like I said, we've been going there for ages.) Everything is nice and new, but it still "feels" like the old library, which is nice. There is a new computer lab there too.

Earth Hour

I joined my friends this evening for Earth Hour. We spent an hour in the dark, dining by candlelight and talking in the living room. We were going to play a board game, but we got sidetracked. I managed to work on my Fun Fur Scarf in the dark. Being able to feel the stitches is key when you knit with eyelash yarn, so I can do that in the dark.

One person drew this picture in the dark:

Actually, this has been edited by several people. The original is here. Look at what I added:

Spider Sally, Spider Sally, does everything that a Spider Sally does.
Can she swing from a web? No she can't, but she can knit one.


Here is Jules posing with the Amigurumi cat my Mom crocheted. She got the pattern from this website. I've named him Squinty (the cat, not Jules.)

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