Monday, March 10, 2008


A lot of people are using March to finish up lingering project. However, I seem to be letting them pile up. I have Startitis and I'm not doing anything about it.

It's time for a WIP round up.

This is the first time the Rainbow Socks have made an appearance on my blog. That's because they are a birthday gift for my sister, and since I've already done the old wrap-a-pair-of-unfinished-socks-for-a-gift trick, I can now reveal them to the world.

These socks have had bad mojo so far. They were slow to start, I kept forgetting them at home as I was trying to make the birthday deadline, and they keep coming off the needles. (I need to get my dpn holder thingy out again.) Although I consider myself pretty good with short rows, these aren't quite right, which is causing puckers. (Even after reading this helpful tutorial.)

Each short row section is supposed to have four unworked stitches left in the round before finishing the section. The first short row section was fine, but ever since then I end up with either two, six or at one point three stitches left. I kept counting them over and over again, and everything added up.

But just now, as I was getting the socks out for a picture, a needle came out (again) and suddenly I was stitch short and I have no idea where it went.

So these are going into time out until I can input from my sister (to see how picky she is) and my Mom (to figure out where I went wrong.)

I've dubbed these two Boogie Time watches "Even More Boogie Time" To differentiate them from all the other Boogie Time watches I've made. These are really late Christmas gifts.

As you can see, I've cast off, but they still need to be sewn up. However, the real problem has been finding a watch face that will work for a boy for the striped one. (No luck at all the thrift stores I've checked so far.)

Way back in January, I talked about "starting" the Candy sweater from Knitty? Yeah, I haven't made it past the swatch. I haven't even blocked the swatch. (And I want to be sure to block the swatch to be sure of the gauge before I do the math....yada yada yada.)

Strangling Vines continues to get the most attention these days, even when there are birthday gifts to knit, etc. It is a total luxury project, and it's just for me. (And it will be less puckery after blocking.)

This isn't even counting the "inactive" projects, the secret design I have planned, my plans for Silk Cotton that are forming in my head, the projects I owe other people that aren't technically "gifts," etc.

And with all this going, what am I going to work on before I go to bed?

I'm casting on (or at least winding the yarn for) Fetching to join all the Malabrigo March Madness on Ravelry.

Bits and Pieces

This link came up on my Gmail today. I have no idea why. And are these really any better than band aids?

I’m having all sorts of computer problems tonight. For now, I’m blaming the weather, because that does not require tech support from my cable company. Some sites just don’t want to load, including Blogger. (I’m typing this on a word doc so I can cut and paste later.)

Quote of the day:
“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” – Robert Frost (recently seen on Knitgrrl’s blog)

Hi, Mom. *waves*

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SpinalCat said...

The only short row heel I've done is the Sherman heel. It turned out nicely for me with no gaps.