Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Because I'm lazy in need of inspiration, I'm posting some stuff I've seen on other blogs recently.

Small Projects

I've been reading Lifehack like the geek that I am, and today I came across an entry called Small Projects Generate Good Feelings. The author says:
After you finish the project, take notice of how you feel after you finish it. You can’t deny the positive feelings that come along with finishing a small project.
Well duh, knitters have known this for ages. Then the post goes on to describe how he built a "Cornhole" game.

(Of course, he ordered the corn bags online. Wouldn't sewing the corn bags make a good small project themselves?)


Humorous Pictures
Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

My bunny has lots of threads that are relevant to her interests. She also has bags, baskets, furniture, electrical wires, catalogs, books and other things that are relevant to her interests.

Edit: I realize now this sounds like the rabbit in the picture is mine. This one isn't mine. This is something I saw on I Can Has Cheezburger that reminded me of my bunny.

Beyond Lips

I have only have one thing to say about this Mental Floss entry about eggs:

Chickens have earlobes?

Celebrity Look-alikes

Finally, I'm the last kid on the block to post one of these. If you're having trouble, you have to sign up for an account and everything before you create one.

Lisa Ling?


Cobbalicious said...

I have personally played cornhole, and it is not only fun but rated completely PG.

Thanks for the good words on my cardigan!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you have a bunny! (You've probably told me, and I've forgotten.) So cute!