Friday, September 26, 2008

Cranky Friday

It's Friday, and I'm cranky, which is unusual for a Friday. Especially a payday Friday.

Let's start with the fact that I didn't get paid properly. I've seen this mistake coming for the past week since we can look at our pay and bonuses from our computers at work. Despite e-mailing everyone involved everyday, it didn't get fixed in time for payday. I'm especially annoyed at the one person responsible for the system who seemed to ignore this problem all week, then e-mailed me on Thursday saying it should be fixed and didn't respond when I sent the screenshot showing that it was not fixed. I'm going to get reimbursed my lost bonus (I estimate about $200-$300 after taxes. I don't know for sure because the system isn't working.) The problem is I don't know when. This means I'm going to have to draw from savings to pay my rent and do a bunch of crap until everything goes through. I'm also annoyed that I didn't get a straight answer about what to expect. (A check? A wire transfer?)

I'm annoyed because I wanted to go to Ikea this weekend and shop for couches, but now I need to save my money until I find out what happens with my paycheck. I'm not ready to buy a couch yet, but between gas and a meal at the store, I should probably wait.

I'm also annoyed that I finally paid off one of my credit cards, and they just sent me a new one. (Apparently the old one expired.) They also sent me one of those $5 checks that sign you up for a free trial of some BS buyers club if you endorse it.

And this really pissed me off:

Stay Out of my Bathtub

Maintenance finally comes to fix the leak in my bathroom after asking them to come all summer (literally) and this is what they leave behind. I do not have a clean apartment, but the bathtub was not this bad when I left for work this morning. They didn't even have the courtesy to rinse out the tub with the shower. Not to mention that they did nothing about the mold growing on the ceiling (I guess that's up to me, a sponge mop and a bucket of diluted bleach.) They also did me the "favor" of replacing my fancy (and less than 3 months old) with an el cheapo one, and leaving the air condition off when they left so I got to come home to a hot apartment.

I guess it's a good thing they left all their crap behind, because they didn't leave a note like they're supposed to when they enter your apartment.

I feel violated. The little kid in me wants to put up a "keep out" sign on my door.


I'll be back later when I'm less cranky.

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BerkeleyBecca said...

You earned your cranky, girl. I hope the weekend is better.