Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday Tens: Ten Reasons Why Scarves Are Awesome

Last night I passed out before blogging, so I owe you a Tuesday Ten. Enjoy!

A while back, talked about why I like scarves. I decided to expand on it a little bit.

1. Scarves keep you warm. I know you're thinking "well, duh!" But growing up in a warm climate, and I never used scarves. In fact when I wove a scarf in middle school I never wore it. It was more of a decoration to hang on the corner of my bookshelf. A while back I read on another blog about how essential scarves were to keeping warm. It surprised me. But now that I've been wearing scarves, I can appreciate how warm they are. They're as close as you can get to running around town with a blanket wrapped around you.

2. Scarves are great for small amounts of luxury fibers. The amount of yarn you need varies with the scarf, but they can be made with small amounts of yarn. And really, a wonderfully soft fiber deserves to be around your neck. On a related note...

3. Scarves are a good way to test itchiness. Your neck is more sensitive than other parts of your body. A scarf is a good way to see if you can tolerate the yarn before knitting an entire sweater.

4. Scarves can be used for decorating. I've been thinking about ways to display my scarves in the house. Recently Apartment Therapy showed one way to decorate by using scarves as chair runners. I imagine they could be used as table runners as well.

5. Scarves can protect against asthma attacks. I get these (mostly useless) newsletters about treating my asthma from my insurance company. I was glancing through one before I threw it out, and it recommended wrapping a scarf around your face during cold weather if cold is one of your triggers. This goes double for exercising in cold weather. I have both exercise and cold triggers, and I wish I started wearing scarves sooner.

6. Scarves are fashionable. Don't take my word for it. Some guy from Project Runway endorses them. (See above.) Code for something says: "Scarves are awesome. They suit everyone, they’re affordable, come in a multitude of styles and ultimately are totally functional!" JeniDesign says: "I love scarves! You can do so much with them, tie them around your waist, double them up around your shoulder and the same old drape them around your neck. No matter how you wear it, wearing scarves are awesome."

7. Scarves let you knit lace without the commitment. There's a reason why Strangling Vine is finished and Kiri is still in time out.

8. Gauge isn't all that important when knitting scarves. Being off by half a stitch per inch usually isn't a deal breaker with scarves.

9. You can use any yarn for a scarf. Whether the yarn is stiff or drapey, thin or thick, textured or not, you can make a scarf that works.

10. The scarf is the ultimate blank palette. I talked about it before, but scarves can be easy or hard, long or short, wide or skinny or just about anything else. The Mario Scarf is a great example of the creative possibilities of the scarf. Check out Knitting New Scarves for more inspiration. The possibilities are endless.

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