Saturday, September 27, 2008

Proof that I need more fiber

Last night I dreamed that I bought a fleece.

I was at a farm. And I got to pick the sheep. They sheared it for me, and I went into the store to pay for it. I looked down the aisles. They had yarn, but no roving. I was disappointed because I wanted roving too.

I was debating what to do with the fleece. Should I dye it before I spun it or after? Should I use one color or several colors? Should I dye it all? How should I ply it? How should I prepare it? Should I make one large item or a bunch of small ones? I could make a lot of skeins of handspun with this fleece. I wanted to make a sweater, but I was worried that the Romney would be too itchy. I was considering a blanket. Or maybe I would make a sweater for those rare cold days. I could make it self striping and wear a shirt underneath.

And then I woke up.

Crap. I need more fiber.


Missing said...

More fiber? Yes you need that AND you need to buy a flock of sheep and alpaca! Imagine that! ;)

Katie said...

At first I thought you meant dietary fiber and I thought, "Gross."