Wednesday, September 3, 2008

FO: Big Baby Scarf

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I'm ready for cold weather.

(I really am smiling under there.)

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This is the "Big Baby Scarf". This is the scarf I started about a month ago. However, it looks a lot different than it did the last time you saw it. After I ran out of yarn, I finally frogged it and started over.

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To recap, this is the Jute Rope scarf, a simple knit and purl pattern that shifts to create diagonals. (The diagonals are hard to see in some of these pictures.) I only cast on 18 stitches, in stead of the 30 the pattern calls for, because I ran out of yarn early. I'm happy with the length now, but I wish I had gotten an extra skein so I could have made it nice and thick. It's still pretty warm, though.

The yarn is Alpaca with a Twist Big Baby in colorway 9001. I used the two skeins that I bought at Gauge's after Christmas sale. It's nice and soft, and this stitch pattern is great with the variegated colorway.

I used the wooden US Size 8 needles that I got in the Scavenger Hunt Swap.

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Poncho Pig likes it too. However, this scarf is all mine.

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