Monday, September 8, 2008

WIP: Odessa

Flickr is finally working for me, and I have some more WIPs for you.

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On Friday I started stringing beads onto my yarn for the Odessa hat. (The pattern is available on Ravelry.)

I had trouble finding a needle with the right size eye, so I used the flossers I have to get around my metal retainer to string them on. (They glued one on after I had my braces off, and more than ten years later, I still have it on.) It took a while, but I got about 150 beads on the yarn.

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Here's where I am now. I'm done with the ribbing, and it's time to start the pattern. I'm hoping I have the gauge right. It's always hard to tell until you get going. It looks pretty good now, but I'm prepared to frog the hold thing if I have to.

There's more to come. For now, here's Bunny Foo-Foo chewing on the tag on my knitting bag.

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