Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday Tens: Ten Knitting and Crochet Videos

Sorry I crapped out on you Tuesday. It's a good thing Thursday begins with a T. While I pack to go out of town, here are ten videos featuring knitting and crochet for your enjoyment.

1. Shreddies - Knitted by Nanas - I was completely baffled by this video of a master knitting camp where very little knitting gets done, until I saw the commercial above. Apparently Shreddies is a cereal (I'm assuming sold in the UK) with a whole Knitted by Nanas campaign attached to it. Of course, the way it's explained in the commercial, you would think a quilting metaphor would make more sense. Four layers "knitted together" doesn't quite work. (Reminds me of the Quilted Northern debacle from a while back, although less obvious.)

2. Knit Wits - This is a riot, although for such seasoned professionals, these guys seem awfully inexperienced.

3. Knitting Club Recruiting Video - A little confusing if you haven't seen commercials like this one. The best line is "I want to knit something of myself!"

4. ONE MINUTE MELTDOWN - Wanta Danish? - A short music video featuring amigurumi.

5. woodstock hooker showing off his wares (puppet hats) - Jonathan James is having a bad hair life, so he crochets surreal hats.

6. snip snip snip - I don't quite get it, but the octopus is cute.

7. Disco Knitter - Pretty self explanatory, and pretty accurate for animated knitting.

8. Knitimation - Do The Brane - Maybe fun fur is evil. (Although I still don't know how to do the Brane.)

9. DOLLS UNITED - Someone did a lot of intarsia. (Or duplicate stitch.)

10. Sheep - Funny Animation - Is there anything better than a knitting sheep?

4/4/11 - Edited to Fix Title

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