Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tapestry Cowl Class

This blog has been lacking in knitting content recently, although my life hasn't. Time for some catch up.

Me and my class mates

Last week I took one of Staci's classes at The Knitting Nest. I learned double knitting and started the Tapestry Cowl.

Tapestry Cowl Swatch

Here's where I was at the end of the class. We practiced casting on several times.

Double Knitting Swatch

See, it's pink on the other side.

(By the way, the gauge got larger when I did double knitting. It turns out US Size 2.5 is not too small for me. It's closer to five stitches per inch now.)

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The first half of the class was Tuesday night. Wednesday night I cast on the actual cowl. I started with the magic cast on on two different needles. I put a stitch marker every ten stitches on both sides to keep track of things.

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Then I put all the stitches on one needle, alternating colors.

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And here I am, one row in.

Tapestry Cowls

Here's where we were at the end of class on Thursday. Fran's is on top. She spent a lot of time perfecting her technique and waited to cast on Thursday night. Jo's is on the left. She got a lot of work done between Tuesday and Thursday. I'm on the right somewhere in between.

I've done the first nine rounds, and the next round will involve colorwork. So far it's going pretty well, although my purls (the blue side) are bigger than my knits (the pink side.) I'll go more into my technique later. I'm still looking for the best way to handle two yarns at once.

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Missing said...

I have not been working on this at all! Just been busy with stuff. This is the kind of project that needs quiet, one on one time!