Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boys don't make passes at knitters with glasses


Jules says these glasses make me look like a liberal arts major. I told him I was a liberal arts major. (Journalism counts as liberal arts, right? That would explain why I'm shopping for glasses at Walmart.)

Jules and I differed on which glasses looked the best. I'm fond of the Lisa Loeb/Tina Fey/Janeane Garofalo glasses above. Jules kept choosing glasses that were from the Sophia Loren collection. (Literally.)

At least he was willing to take pictures of me in seven different pairs of glasses in the middle of the Walmart optometry center.

I'm considering these glasses and the six pairs below. You can get a closer look at the individual glasses here. I haven't decided whether to go with one of these, or shop around more.

I didn't make a decision tonight because I want to get some opinions. Let me know what you think. I want your (constructive) feedback.

My creation


Wendy said...

I agree with you! The Lisa Loeb glasses are the most flattering to you. All the other ones have an old lady look to them. The Lisa Loebs look young and pretty. ;)

Noelle Noodle said...

I like the first pair best too! I see nothing wrong with liberal arts majors it means you're well-rounded.

You look so happy!!

Mom said...

I like the first pair, too, although the last pair make up look very scholarly.

Liz G. said...

I like the Lisa Loeb ones, too.

Katie said...

I like the first pair the best too, and Aaron says he likes them too. They are geek chic!

(Journalism is in communication, silly! You don't remember what college you were in? However, I think they do make you look like a journalist.)

ChattyCathy said...

I like the Tina fey pair and the darker of the Christie Brinkley pair