Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - Have some pie!

Peeps Pie

I had a pretty low key Easter. I went to church, performed with the bell choir, took a nap and had dinner with my family. And I made this pie. The recipe was weird enough that I had to try it.

This is a Peeps Pie, with pink Peeps for garnish...

Peeps in the <span class=

...and lavender Peeps in the pie itself.

Partially Melted Peeps

The crockpot makes a good substitute for a double boiler. Here are the Peeps partially melted.

Melted Peeps

Here the Peeps are completely melted. I ended up with more pie filling than would fit in the pie crust. (I bought a graham crust instead of making one.) So I finished it off myself, along with the toffee bits that settled on the bottom. (I used toffee instead of chocolate because Dad doesn't eat chocolate.)

I'm not sure if the toffee was supposed to melt or not. We didn't find any chunks in the pie, but it did have a subtle toffee taste.

Serving Peeps Pie

The toffee was subtle, but the rest of the pie wasn't. It's very rich and sweet. I think I've had my fill of Peeps this year.

Happy Easter!

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