Saturday, April 4, 2009

CPAP Titration Win

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I had another sleep study win last night. I had my CPAP titration, where they helped fit me with a mask and adjust the CPAP pressure.

The Room

This time was a little different that the first two times. I was in a different room with a different sleep tech. The tech used less goop in my hair, which I was thankful for. (I only had to wash and rinse once. No repeat.) But we had a little more difficulty getting my ponytail fixed after all the wires were in.

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When I got there, these two masks were on the bedside table. They're both nasal masks.

Before I got all the wires on we "practiced" with a couple of different masks on the CPAP. I didn't like the nasal masks. I think I've mentioned that I am a mouth breather for life, and I made a point of telling the sleep tech. I really had to focus on breathing through my nose in the nasal mask.

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This is the mask I ended up with. It covers my nose and mouth. It still felt weird while I was awake, but it was much more comfortable. However, I could see how this type of mask leaks more. I felt leaks when I spoke, although I didn't do much talking in my sleep. (I think.)

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This is the CPAP machine itself. It was sort of "hidden" on the lower level of the bedside table. I noticed there was some water in it. I think it was to keep the air from being too dry.

Me and my <span class=

Here I am, all strapped in and ready for bed. (Not the most flattering shot in the world, but what do you expect.)

Compared to the first study, I slept pretty well. I know I had dreams this time. I did woke up around 1 a.m. for a while, and that probably wasn't the only time. Perhaps it's my imagination, but I think I felt well "oxygenated" when I woke up, but still tired. I'm guessing that I slept for 5 hours or so.

The mask itself was a bit of a hassle. I found myself scratching around my mask occasionally. Also, I had trouble sleeping on my stomach and getting my head in a comfortable place. I woke up on my back at one point. I may become a back sleeper.

Next week I take home my own CPAP. I can't wait to get finished with the "transition period" and start getting some real sleep.


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Dody Jordahl said...

Great blog. Hope you made the transition ok. Make sure your home care company follows up with you and changes your supplies as needed. How was your setup experiience?

Aeroflow said...

The in-home sleep studies are nice and in most cases can give an interpreting doctor all the information they need. Many of the new masks have gotten quite small, and still provide an antiquate amount of air flow. Finding a good DME that provides in-home sleep studies would be a great places to start.

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