Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This year, Christmas will wait until Christmas. (Or at least Halloween.)

In 2008, the Year Long Gift-A-Long made a huge difference once Christmas came around. Although I was still a little behind, it was much easier to catch up once December rolled around. (Especially after being hospitalized in December.)

However, considering it's April and I haven't even started knitting Christmas gifts, I think I'm going to handle things a little differently this year. I'm not going to knit for everyone I've ever met. Instead I will spend the rest of 2009 focusing on my own designs and larger projects like sweaters and shawls. (I've been craving sweaters and shawls recently.) Later in the year, there will be some craft show/Fiber Festival knitting and crochet as well.

I will knit and crochet a small number of well thought out items, as well as some small stocking stuffer things. But for Christmas 2009, I'm thinking of experimenting with other crafts and DIY endeavors like soap making, candle making and sewing.

I don't really need to buy a special water bath to can preserves and pasta sauce, do I?

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Lyndsey said...

no, any large pot will do. watch alton brown's good eats episode on canning. remember, though, be very careful with canning. food poisoning is not something people will forgive or forget easily. *grin*