Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FO: Mom's Birthday Tawashi

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Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and tonight we celebrated it. I got her a plastic tub, since she is trying to replace all the cardboard boxes in storage with something sturdier.

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A Rubbermaid tub is hard to wrap. So I had the idea to put it in a trash bag and cinch the end with a pretty tawashi. The wrapping didn't go as planned, but the tawashi was a success.

This is one of the Tawashi Blossoms by Rhonda White. I'm pretty sure both skeins are of yarn are Red Heart Super Saver. I know for sure the multicolor one is the "Starbrights" colorway. I've knit tawashi with cotton in the past, but this time I decided to see how acrylic holds up. I also used US size 5 aluminum needles.

I paid for this pattern because I see myself making it again and again. These would be great for decorating Christmas gifts.

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They make good hair decorations too.

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