Monday, April 27, 2009

Yarn Pr0n: Hill Country Weavers' Off Site Sale

Saturday was the second day of the Hill Country Weavers off site sale.

Off Site Sale for Hill Country Weavers

If there was this much on day two, I can't imagine what day one was like.

While there was plenty of fuzzy stuff and ribbon yarn, there was also a good selection of non-novelty yarns.

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Here are some tempting baskets of Colinette yarn. I came home with a skein of Iona. They also had Noro, a bit of Claudia's Hand Painted and Debbie Bliss, not to mention books, patterns and weaving equipment.

Off Site Sale for Hill Country Weavers

There was yarn in every nook and cranny, just like the store.

Needful Yarns Ceramic

This was one of the big winners for me. It's Needful Yarns Ceramic, and it's supposed to actually lower your body temperature. As the name implies, the key is ceramic. (Most of the yarn is rayon.) If it's true, I want ceramic underwear.

I bought 8 skeins of red ceramic so I can make a tank top, and one skein in lavender so I can make a little scarf to cool my neck.

Dale of Norway <span class=

Speaking of unusual fibers, I also bought Dale of Norway Hauk. It's treated with Teflon to repel water. I think I'm going to try some colorwork mittens or a hat.

Suzanne's Spinning Wheel

Besides seeing the amazing stash of yarn, we got to see Suzanne's House when we checked out. She even invited us to check out her office. It was impressive, filled with all sorts of treasures, like this antique (I assume) spinning wheel.

"Yarn Sale"

I couldn't end this entry without posting a picture of this sign. This would look great in my living room.

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