Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recycled Yarn Ball

Recycled Yarn Ball

Have I ever talked about my recycled yarn ball on this blog?

I started making these at some point in middle school when I was crocheting. I saved all the leftover pieces of yarn and tied them together until I had a decent size ball. Once I crocheted a snake with it. (Back then the pieces of yarn were longer.) I remember mentioning that I recycled yarn in a class project in the sixth grade. (Looking back, "reuse" was probably a better term.)

I started saving pieces of yarn and tying them together when I started knitting again around 2004 or 2005. In January of 2007 I made a scarf for the Etsy Upcycle Contest. I got so attached to it, I priced it at $50 in hopes that it wouldn't sell. (It didn't.)

As I knit that scarf, I relived all my previous projects. I enjoyed it so much, I've made a point of saving a little bit of yarn from each project I make for the ball. Really, it's more of a scrapbook. (Scrapball?)

So now that it's getting bigger, I'm wondering what to knit (or crochet) with it. I think a garment is out. I'm thinking about knitting a wider rectangle and just making a wall hanging. Or maybe I'll crochet a bowl for my coffee table. I've thought about a pillow or a purse, but I need something that will take less of a beating. I usually use one set of needles for the entire projects, so the gauge tends to be loose. It works better than knitting the thicker yarns too tight or changing needles frequently.

Or should I wait until it gets even bigger?

Any thoughts? I'll have to get all the little bits of yarn at the bottom of my knitting bags before I actually do anything.

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