Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Bits and Pieces - a list

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1. I'm approaching the halfway point on the Tapestry Cowl. However, it hasn't seen much action recently because...

Swatches for Decimal

2. I've been swatching my KnitPicks yarn for Decimal. The swatches above are, from left to right,CotLin, Merino Style and Shine Sport. I haven't broken into the Gloss yet. I don't have official measurements, but it doesn't look like I won't make gauge with the Merino Style. The CotLin may be hard to make gauge. Right now I'm using a US Size 1 with the CotLin, and it just doesn't feel good. Shine Sport seems more promising.

3. I have a new screen on my bedroom window, and there hasn't been any flies since last week.

New stuff for the bunny

4. After nearly eight years, I decided it was time to get the bunny some new stuff. Her water bottle has been leaking for years, and either her litter box is leaking, or she's hanging her butt over the side. So I put in an order to Bunny Bytes and it came in today. The litter box was bigger than I expected, but I think she needs it. I also got her a toy as a treat.

5. Bunny Foo-Foo is cute.

6. Tonight is my CPAP titration study, where they'll help me get fitted with my CPAP while I sleep. I'm excited because I'm looking forward to sleeping better. Still, I suspect it will be a long night.

OPP: Carrie's <span class=

7. Here's my parting shot - a little OPP (Other People's Projects.) This is Carrie, and apparently she is the Noro Queen. I loved her "fake isle" sweater. (Not to mention the Noro Clapotis she's holding.)


christina said...

My MIL has a CPAP and said that while the study was kind of annoying, the improvement in quality of sleep after was amazing.

Hope everything goes well!!

Cobbalicious said...

Holler about that Knitpicks Shine Sport sometime. I'm planning a sweater with it, and I'd love a head's up as to how it behaves.

Wendy said...

Aww....Cutest Bunny ever!