Thursday, April 16, 2009


I've had my CPAP for a week now, and I have yet to actually fall asleep with it.

The doctor warned me about the transition period. I think I had a false sense of security after the CPAP titration. I figured it was because they gave me Ambien.

I took Ambien on a regular basis for a couple of years when I was in college. Taking Ambien is like being hit in the head with a mallet. Once you swallow that pill, the clock starts ticking, and you have 20-30 minutes to get to bed before you fall over.

And I didn't sleep right away during the sleep study. And last night I was awake for nearly two hours with the CPAP on before I took it off and actually fell asleep.

I'm a stomach sleeper, and that's a big part of the problem. I'm considering buying a great big body pillow to help me sleep on my side.

So I need some encouragement right now. I know I've gotten a couple o comments from people with CPAPs. If you had trouble with yours, but you got used to it, let me know.

As for my glasses, I've decided to wait until Jules arrives here this weekend to pick out frames. My insurance will get me a discount on glasses by anyone covered by Davis Vision. My HR director said I could try Goggles 4 U. And the same day I went to the optometrist, Amy Singer wrote about Glassy Eyes on the Knitty Blog. Would I be a total stalker if I ordered the exact same glasses she ordered in the exact same color (black and turquoise)?

I think I'm going to at least try on some frames in person before making a decision.

I need some awesome glasses that are just like Lisa Loeb and Tina Fey's glasses, but are also uniquely mine. Oh, and they also have to be light, durable, comfortable and not too expensive.

That's going to be a tough order to fill.

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