Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Troubleshooting my KnitPicks Ball Winder

Ravelry has saved the day for me. Yesterday I broke out my new KnitPicks ball winder and a hank of Gloss, and I had some difficulties. Fortunately, this Ravelry thread set me straight. I thought I'd share my new knowledge for the rest of the world.

Spare Part

The first troubling thing was the spare part in my hand. I had the whole thing assembled, but I still didn't know what this part was for. However, the Ravelry thread pointed me to this video:

It turns out the spare part is a "handle" you can put on the bottom of the ball winder. I'd rather have it clamped to something, but considering how messy this part of my apartment is, I'll probably need it at some point.

This is a problem

I also, this kept happening. The yarn kept winding around the base. The problem was the position of the metal guide. (Check out where the yarn was hitting the base.)

It turns out the yarn guide moves.

All Wound Up

Of course I'd finished winding the yarn before I figured that out.


SpinalCat said...

Oh, yeah. You have to pop it into place. I didn't realize that from your first photos, though. I leave the one at home out all the time, and the one at work stays out all the time too, of course.

gratefulsned said...

You saved my life! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Frustrated in WI
I have just purchchased the Knit picks yarn ball winder. So excited to use it but cannot get the metal arm that goes into the base to tighten up therefore cannot attach to the counter. Any suggestions before returning.

Anonymous said...

I messed up by unscrewing the top winder to remove some tangled yarn, now it will only wind on one area rather then the 'x' configuration that makes the nice cakes..helpp????

AM Hale said...

Anonymous on March 23 - I had exactly the same thing happen, I even tried taking it apart again and putting it back together. I can't figure out why it doesn't work anymore. Did you figure it out?

Anna Kn said...

I have have the same problem now too -- the ball winder just winds in one spot now instead of making the cakes it made so many of before.I am back to winding the balls of yarn around my hand as i used to do. Does the knit-picks ball winder simply wear out? I found that the wooden screw peg on the swift certainly does -- the wood is too soft for the job. I used it only a few times and cannot tighten the peg screw anymore. A retailer siad this is a common problem.

Anonymous said...

I had trouble with the yarn winding either too high or too low on the center post. I have learned that there is a small arrow on the side of the base opposite the handle that indicates the proper position of the swing arm. This seems to have solved my problem.